Become a courier at Takeout!
- her kører det.

Right now we need a delivery man or woman at Takeout to deliver our premium foods from our restaurants to or beloved customers.

This can be done on a bike, e-bike, scooter, Tripl-scooter or in a car, but always with sky-high customers satisfaction.

If you see yourself as a part of a dynamic team while driving around Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark don't hesitate

Flexible working hours!

As a driver at Takeout you will take part in planning your fixed shifts.

You will as a part-time courier get between 3-5 fixed shifts a week. Your shifts will start in the afternoon between 16-17 and end at latest at 22.

The fixed shifts are very flexible and can be matched you’re your own personal schedule, so it won’t collide with school or any other activities you may have.

Convinced now?

Your contract with Takeout!

When becoming a driver at Takeout you will get a contract.

This will insure you at work and secure that you will be employed under good conditions.

You will also be ensured that the all the tedious work with taxes and worked hours, rightful payment and holiday pay is taken care of.


A sechedule is being made, so you always know when you have to work


Never be bored. THere is always plenty to do

Enjoy life

Work hard, play hard - but stay safe